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How did nature get the way it is if predation wasn’t God’s design?

At some point humans began breeding animals to serve our own misguided interests. We taught animals to help us hunt, we bred animals to have giant udders to be our milk machines. We bred hens to lay tons of eggs so we can eat them. We corrupted animals in so many ways by following our own evil imaginations (Jeremiah 18:11-12) and we continue to do so today. The first book of the bible gives an account of humans selectively breeding animals for profit (Genesis 30:37-43).

Most people don’t even believe the account of nature in Genesis 1:30 where all animals are herbivores and where everyone lives together in peace. Even many Christians buy into predation as the way the world always was instead of seeing it as a product of human corruption of God’s design, but the bible says otherwise. God is ready to restore creation to a state of love, joy, and peace if only we repent of our ways and turn our hearts back to God (2 Chronicles 7:14).

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