Swords to Plowshares

Promoting a faith-based love for all creation.


Promoting a Faith-Based Love for All Creation through Videos.

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Faithful and Wise Stewardship

In this short video we discuss what Jesus means in Luke 12:42 to be a faithful and wise steward, along with its connection to God’s original instructions in Eden (Genesis 1:27-31) and the call for the church to repent and return to the first works (Revelation 2:4-7).

Can You Be Vegan and Believe in the God of the Bible?

In this video we discuss whether faith and love for animals is reconcilable. Are the two at odds or are they in harmony?

Daniel’s Wisdom and Faithfulness to God

In this video we discuss the account of Daniel where he declined the king’s delicacies in favor of vegetables and water. What happened when Daniel did this and why did he do it? More importantly, what is the takeaway message and how can we apply it to our own lives?

Does the Commandment DO NOT KILL include Animals?

In this video we examine the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, found in Exodus 20. Specifically we consider who the 6th commandment is referring to when it states, “Do not kill.” Does it just mean do not kill people or is it also implied that we should not kill animals?

Jonah’s Message of Repentance

In this video we discuss the prophetic calling of Jonah and how it foreshadows the greatest miracle of Jesus as well as how to apply the takeaway message to our own lives.

Explaining the Lord’s Prayer

In this 7 minute video we examine the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-12) in detail, including the context of it, its connection to other passages, and the important takeaways that we should apply to our own lives.

Balaam’s Donkey

In this video we discuss the story from Numbers 22 involving Balaam and his donkey. The donkey is the hero of the story that saves Balaam’s life despite Balaam’s lack of gratitude. What can we takeaway from this story in the bible?

God’s Response to Noah

In this video we discuss God’s response to Noah building an altar and burning animals on it upon exiting the ark after God restarted the world with a giant flood, including what we should takeaway from it concerning God’s ideal purpose for our lives and for all of creation.

Why Did God Accept Abel’s Gift but not Cain’s?

In this video we discuss why God accepted Abel’s gift but not Cain’s (Genesis 4) as well as what can be learned from the account and applied to our own lives.

The Obligate Carnivore Hypothesis

What does it mean for an animal to be an obligate carnivore? The hypothesis that certain kinds of animals require consumption of other animals to survive has recently been challenged through laboratory experimentation, primarily on cats. In light of the results of these findings, we examine whether the data better support a long life evolutionary view of animals or the biblical account of short life intelligent design laid out in Genesis.

Restoring the Garden Paradise Ideal

In this video I read and elaborate on “Restoring the Garden Paradise Ideal,” an article from s2p.org discussing how and why to go back to God’s original instructions in Eden.

Genesis 1 Explained

In this video the creation account in Genesis 1 is explained in detail. Connections are drawn between it and the first chapter of The Gospel of John. The description of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 is also used to make sense of the Spirit of God that creates the universe and in whose image man and woman were created.

Visiting the Gentle Barn

This weekend I visited The Gentle Barn. I met a bunch of friendly animals and awesome animal caregivers and advocates, including Ellie Laks and Kathleen Sullivan. I look forward to the day when the whole earth is a sanctuary for animals and all lie down safely without fear.

Witnessing at the 2017 NYC Animal Liberation March

In this video, recorded with commentary by Len Goldberg, s2p.org joins with thousands of animal advocates to speak out against oppression of animals. Our message was a bit different from everyone else’s though as ours was motivated by God’s love for all creation and a desire to bear witness to that love.

Should we Judge those who Harm Animals?

In this 19 minute video ministry segment we discuss what it means to judge and how that applies to people who harm animals, including a discussion of repentance and how that applies to animals and to the bible message.

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