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Jesus said not to judge, so should we not judge those who harm animals?

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If we love our animal neighbors as ourselves, should we stand by and watch them be slain and oppressed or should we stand up for them with the same passion Jesus exhibited when he overturned the tables in the temple courts in Mark 11:15?

There is a difference between judging and admonishing. To judge someone implies a desire to see them punished or to seek vengeance on them for some misdeed. Admonishment aims to get the person to change, without the associated desire for vengeance. Jesus’ entire Sermon on the Mount aimed to admonish, yet he judges no one. He wants people to repent, not suffer for their past mistakes. In my estimation most vegans are admonishing rather than judging. They just want people to stop hurting animals. In this way they are acting Christ-like.

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