Do you know someone who believes in the God of the Bible that isn’t yet vegan? Great, we have something that could help you with that!

These pamphlets are designed for doing vegan outreach to people of faith, whether it is to a friend, coworker, family member, or a stranger you managed to strike up a conversation with.

I recommend studying it yourself so that you know how to answer these most frequently asked questions. I also recommend having a hard copy in hand to give to the person so they can take it home and look at it more closely.

Here are three ways to acquire hard copies:

First Method: Print the images (front and back)

s2p pamphlet outside

s2p pamphlet inside

Second Method: Download as a PDF (front and back)

CW-Printable s2p-trifold-8.5×11-inside-proof

CW-Printable s2p-trifold-8.5×11-outside-proof

Third Method: Order them

Send an email to with your mailing address and how many copies you want and we will mail them to you. They are professionally printed from a vegan company using vegan ink and paper stock. We ask that you send $0.20 per pamphlet to cover printing and shipping costs (we have Venmo, Paypal, or Patreon).

In order to consolidate it onto one page (front and back), the pamphlet only covers the ten most frequently asked questions and answers. For dozens more, check out our Q&A about Animals and Stewardship in the Bible page.

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Peace and blessing to all creation